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My friends are getting married tomorrow!!

New blog post. A little Toronto, Ontario touristy adventure.

other places

I creep my tumblr feed pretty much every day. {too many pretty pictures not to!}

but if you want to keep in touch a bit better, here’s where you can also find me.

{official website} - recently redid everything, but since 4ormat updated my theme so that I can have full browser height images, I’ll have to redo everything AGAIN. the content is still a bit ye olde, but there’s some new stuff you might find in there. 

{wordpress} - brand new blog! just got the About page done up last weekend and yesterday was a rain day so I threw together an intro post. now I can begin going through the backlog of things I’ve been saving to post. 

{instagram} - @lauramakespictures - I post a lot of pictures of my boyfriend’s cats. not going to lie. 

{pinterest} - sparce and tumbleweedy at the moment, but I’ll be using it in conjunction with my blog soon enough. feel free to follow! I haven’t added anyone yet, but I’ll follow back. I’m not terribly sure how it all works yet. 

{twitter} - bit the bullet and made a twitter. mostly to steal the name, but it appears to be useful. add me if you’re on it!

I’m not abandoning ship, I just have some other projects that are currently taking priority. also summer. how can I not be outside, always?

leave a comment with your follow info and I’ll add ya!

(via fuckyeahtypeworks)

(via fuckyeahtypeworks)

lovelovelove this!

They are out of stock, unfortunately, but I want to put this on my christmas list. Does anyone know who the manufacturer is, so I can find it somewhere other than ModCloth or do we all have faith it’ll be restocked for the holiday season?

It’s just so darn cute.

If you want to be a better photographer, stand in front of more interesting stuff.

Jim Richardson (via laurenlemon)


Zombie In Love’ series by Scott Campbell

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whoa! I don’t usually reblog stuff off the radar, but man this is awesome.

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